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16th November 2003

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#1 13 years ago

I have been talking to many people recently in BFE and just others who play the mod alot and I have asked them about FH's coding. I've gotten the same response out of about 95% of the people. The response has been that since .6 the coding has unfortunately gone downhill.

Now, I don't mean in quality, although in some parts of the the mod it has, but in the fact that every release features basically a whole new system for many features of combat. In .65 for example, the whole new infantry system was introduced, when in reality it wasnt even needed as .6 coding for guns was excellent except for a few fixable problems like the PPsH vs MP40. Every major release has changed something that was uneccesary to change, be it tank velocitys on vertain vehicles, armor values on certain vehicles, gunsight positioning, etc. The common opinion now is that the Tiger is a shell of what it used to be. The Panther has gone from overpowered but flippable to underpowered to whatever it is now. Now I know a lot of people who play the pubbies who say these flaws arent very evident but in a combat situation like BFE, many flaws of weapons that were never really apparent become very much so since you would be playwith the same guns and tanks for nearly 12 hours and get very accustomed to their strengths and weaknesses against people who play as a team and play smartly, unlike many pubs.

I wrote this post to make it evident that when a new release comes, nobody wants to relearn things they already knew, like the Panzer 4's hit location relative to its gunsight, or the Sherman's velocity, or how accurate a PPsH is at 75 yards. They want to focus on the new things, learn them, and enjoy the mod. Many people I asked say that .6 was probably their favorite release gameplay wise (although most thought the new releases are still better for all the new features and equipment and such) because you ran into situations where you needed tactics to kill a Tiger and such. Maybe the mod has started moving more towards balanced on a more subdermal level but it just has never been the same for me, or some others.

I ask that when you code, only fix the things that need to be fixed or have historal data proving them to be wrong. Do not recode things in the sake of balance, balance should be up to the mappers to create. The vehicles, airplanes and weapons (certain things like the 35 round clips for the PPsH which were historial but are more evident in the mod then RL is a good way to substitute as it doesnt take away from the gun, just its ability to whore) should be as spot on to realism as they can get. The mappers can handle the balance.

Thanks, Mazz


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2nd September 2005

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#2 13 years ago

hmm i can see where you are coming from, but i always get excited about new coding, and i don't think i've been dissapointed before.. i personally think that coding has improved alot since .5. I know you are talking about gameplay, but it terms of system preformance, FH seems to be getting alot better.


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27th April 2003

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#3 13 years ago

Yes, the problem is to decide who knows wich is the right code

The next important questions are where we come from or wich is the sense of life