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2nd May 2005

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#151 14 years ago
Crazy WolfCome on, not allowing people to have some fun via grand theft auto? How complicated are the controls of a jeep?

I think we're mainly talking about anything more complicated than a truck, or _maybe_ a halftrack.

Many armored, tracked vehicles were definitely pressed into service, but not often without undergoing refitting and repairs, and definitely not by some random schlubby grunts who stumbled on an empty T-34 just sitting around.

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22nd March 2005

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#152 14 years ago

Ah, I took the tank discussion to mean all land vehicles, my bad:p

Also, US grunts didn't stumble across T-34s often. They did, however, find Citroens and Kubelwagens and stuff.


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9th December 2002

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#153 14 years ago

About this tank locking thing, i agree totally in making them only used by their team, itĀ“s just stupid seeing people stealing the tanks after killing the driver... Or going to the bases just to steal the main battle tank forces...

Yes, i know, alot of tanks were actually re-used by the enemies by other armies, but this was AFTER the battle, not actually IN the battle, which is what the BF battles are, i prefer to see the tank abandoned then used by someone else, that leaves for other possibilities in battle, like seeing abandoned tanks here and there, actually helps to the atmosfhere.

But this option only for Light/Heavy/Medium tanks, everything else like trucks, jeeps, half-tracks, and any other crap that is not a heavy thing-that-might-completly-ruin-the-map-because-the-other-team-stole-it kind of stuff, these can be used by everybody.


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#154 14 years ago

lol these guys are funny