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#61 14 years ago
malone1313Can anyone post color photos of this vehicle in real life? I see plenty of B&W ones on the net and a few color pictures of models of it you can buy for dioramas (sp). They show it in a gray and black paint. I also find more pictures of later model Mercedes staff limos with protective glass all around which are painted all black.

I think i found it , the model looks like an Mercedes-Benz 770 (but then i'm not an expert on cars). edit: its not an MB 770,just made an other check and the front seems a bit different, ohwell. lol forgot the wheels (one has four the other has six), its an other car for sure, but ohwell, just enjoy the pics of this MB 770 i guess. edit2: I think it is either a Mercedes G3 or G4, most lily a G4. attachment.php?attachmentid=26042&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=26036&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=26041&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=26040&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=26038&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=26039&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=26037 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ the G4: attachment.php?attachmentid=26043&stc=1


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#62 14 years ago

I found this one. I think this must be the model in your last color photo as well as the model FH currently has for this vehicle. Thanks for posting Donitz. normal_hitler-mercedes03.jpg