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13th December 2005

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#81 15 years ago
FuzzyBunnyBy the way, you are absolutely correct if referring to maps before an arbitrary point in, say, 1943-44. Despite the existence of entire units equipped with SMGs before then, the majority of Soviet troops _did_ use rifles.

Hmm, wasnt it so that the Russians first few experiments with SMG's equipped units turned out to be a failure mostly due to the fact that they needed to get close to the enemy ASAP and had no way to do so? I seem to vaguely remember that, i could be wrong though.

I can't give you specifics, but everything I've read about later-war Soviet offensives shows such a massive crushing superiority in terms of industry, equipment and manpower on the Russian side that they couldn't help but win what are called "Materialschlachten" (battles decided by who has more stuff) in German.

That is not such a surprising thing, if i say so myself. :)


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4th October 2003

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#82 15 years ago
LoboIn RO the PPSh has a recoil absolutely unrealistic, as you can check in any video with the ppsh, in FH the ppsh rocks and to probe my point just search ppsh to find the gazillion threads of complaining and whining about how uber is the ppsh in the mod.

Don't get me wrong.. as I said I agree the RO SMG's are totally b0rked (I don't even bother to use the Russian smgs in RO, I find the bolt action rifle better for virtually everything). But while better compared, I think the current ppsh implimentation in FH1 still leaves a lot to be desired. But then I've always hated infantry combat in FH1 with a passion, no matter how much good work you devs did, you could never get around the crappy crosshair/cone of fire/bad infantry hit detection inherent to the BF1942 engine. Guess I'll have to wait to see how things are in FH2 ;)