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Luke, I am your mother.

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2nd May 2005

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#41 12 years ago

V. neat, Matyast. It almost makes me want to forgive you for being such a pain in the ass yesterday :-)

(I should slip in something here about how much I hate Hell of Bocage, but it's not appropriate.)

(Screw it. I hate that goddamm map.)



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28th August 2006

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#42 12 years ago
Natty Wallo;3761642lol... you focus to much on that.. remember that the scale in FH is not 1:1, so a Topographic map would need to be tweaked a lot anyway, and ususally a real terrain is not good for a game, since.. a game is not reality...[/quote] All I know is that I've got a 1:1.5 scaled map, at most, of Boulogne sur mer which looks damned sexy. [quote=Natty Wallo;3761642]A good mapper can create a terrain from his mind, looking at picture of an area or a scenario, a Fh map is not meant to be a replica of a place, more a simulation of an event.... (a battle, a campaign, even an invasion of a country)

Yeah it's a simulation but I think it's more of a simulation if it there are never anymore maps like market garden or guadalcanal from DICE/EA to waste our time on.