Anti-Tank Rifles Accurately Reprisented in FH? -1 reply

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19th November 2003

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#31 13 years ago

Simple solution to prevent a lot of stupid stunts and arcade style gameplay with AT Rifles...

Only make it usable when deployed and prone in FH2. Just like what they did with the Bazooka and Panzershreck in DoD:S.


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2nd March 2004

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#32 13 years ago
PanzergrenadierAT rifles in real life disable tanks in a variety of ways - this cannot be represented in a game so damage values will probobly substitute the variety of detremental affects that AT rifles did. Aside from being able to destroy light tanks with relative ease (2-4 shots) AT rifles should have a to aim at specific locations on a tank to recieve any damage at all on medium and larger tanks. Tracks, Turret rings, Gun barrels, Viewports, and engine decks were popular targets of AT rifles. Makeing the AT sniper have to actualy aim to achieve the desired affect should reduce the amount of plinking damage done by them now. If they have to hit tracks (not just the lower hull), viewports, and other known weakspots then their job will be much more difficult and realistic.

^^ Very good post!

I think firing a ATR in anything but prone and deployed should injure the operator, like they did in WWIIOnline. Really no reason to be shooting an ATR anything but prone and (x) deployed.


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7th July 2005

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#33 13 years ago

you'd be suprised how often in WWII Online hte tank will be completely opbliterated before crew members are killed, so dont think that that will totally ruin it.


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#34 13 years ago

My main complaint about anti-tank rifles is that you can shoot an infantryman in the leg and not kill him. Not only is it a .55 caliber round, but if you look at pictures of the types of rounds these rifles used, you can see how it could easily blow a limb clean off (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure a .50 cal. can do that, too). Also, it isn't that unreasonable for an anti-tank rifle to penetrate better than a 20mm, considering rifles tended to use tungsten core rounds, while most 20mm were explosive tipped, disapating much energy over a tank's armor. Again, correct me if I'm wrong.