Any plans of converting the OFFICIAL (i think) tournament map pack to FH? -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago
Tournament Map Pack Sneak Peak Heads up soldiers! A team of talented community folks have been working long and hard on a Battlefield 1942 tournament map pack, and they've been kind enough to provide yours truly with some intel on their output. The match map pack will feature a total of four new maps, one from each theater of war (Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and Pacific). Like all the original game maps, each map is inspired by battles that actually took place during WW2. All maps will support the full suite of game types (Single player, Cooperative, Conquest, Capture the flag and Team Deathmatch). Today we will focus on two of the maps, Remagen and Faid.

Remagen remagen_large.jpg

Background: In the spring of 1945, as the allied armies in the south of Germany reach the Rhein valley, they were much surprised to find the bridge at Remagen still intact. The Germans in the area were still retreating over the bridge and had not had the time to blow it up. If the Allies could reach the bridge in time this would mean that they would have a bridgehead open to the east banks of the Rhein. Set-up: This Assault maps starts with the US troops encamped at a farmstead just north of Remagen. The German forces hold five control points: two in the city of Remagen, one at each end of the bridge and finally their main base, situated on the far side of the Rhein. The Allies begin with their tickets bleeding away, and need to hold at least one point to stop the bleed. Air Cover: Although, planes are available for both teams, the city provides excellent cover from bombs. Outside the city, tanks and other ground vehicles will not be so well protected. Allied strategy: By capturing the old ferry control point in the city the US will open up the possibility of an attack into the main axis base using rubber boats. The town square will give the Allies a fire base from which to attack the western bridgehead.

Faid faidoasis_large.jpg

Background: In February, 1943, the US was engaged in heavy fighting with German forces in North Africa. The American troops fought their way south through the mountain passes of Tunisia in hope to drive Field Marshal Rommel out of Africa once and for all. One of theses passes, the Faid pass, is the scenario for this battle. Set-up: This is a head-on map where the two forces start out at opposites sides of a mountain canyon. In the middle of the canyon there’s an oasis with some minor settlements around it. The village serves as a control point and gives extra reinforcements to the team that holds it. Above on each side of the mountain pass are two more control points which, if taken, will provide a fast attack route for infantry into the village. Either team can cause the other to bleed tickets by holding two of the three points. Many thanks to the team involved in this effort for providing us with this sneak peak (FourCentsShy, Fenech, Hammer 2.0, Lakrillo, Smig and especially zara5ustra our main point of contact). Keep an eye on this space for information on the remaining maps, from the Pacific and Russian theatres, after the holidays.

Yeah, I was wondering if these would be the kind of maps FH mappers would want to convert to support Forgotten Hope. They look like nice maps, and are based on historical battles. Thoughts?