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17th February 2004

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#111 16 years ago
DuaLIMHO, I think FH is definitly on the right way .. no other game Ive played has managed to keep me this interested other than Delta Force 2 wich I played for 3 or 4 years.:bows:

But the knowlege of regular updates is what keeps a game interesting. If DICE had stopped updating Battlefield 1942 after 1.2, I don´t know if I´d had still played it for as long as I did. The great thing about a Mod, is that you know its still evolving and never finished. And you, as an active community member can influence how this Mod turns out. That is waht helps keep Mods alive. BG 1.0 might end up beeing perfect in terms of balance, game-play and content, but I´m sure you´ll hardly find people playing it in 2-3 months simply due to the lack of changes...