APC is underused in FH, it's going to be overused is FH2! -1 reply

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29th April 2006

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#1 12 years ago

my prediction, as least sqaurd leaders enjoy mroe protections inside and is a nice spawnpoint

in FH, APC is usually manned with only 2-3 guys...


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24th September 2006

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#2 12 years ago

Who knows, it depends on players.


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20th February 2004

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#3 12 years ago

Still they are going to be easy targets.


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4th February 2007

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#4 12 years ago

HE shell 37mm or over will still make short work of them I assume, so they probably wont be as popular as you may think :p .

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2nd January 2004

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#5 12 years ago

I never trusted the APC's that much when it comes to delivering troops somewhere on a map that has heavy AT or tanks on it. I dont consider it as an attack vehicle either, its good as support on some situations but generally its pish posh when it comes to speed, movement and armor. In old vanilla days you could take a halftrack and just use it as a tank as it took few shots from tank, no matter which type was firing at it. In FH, I use it more to ramming purposes... speed up and ram through enemy lines with it and then leave the vehicle to fight with better odds. But all in all, even it sounds like a good way of breaking through enemy positions and unloading a load of troops to the combat, I still want to do it on my own as I dont want to risk the maximum of 5 other men when I do the furious rampage with the clumsy vehicle. And those who know my FH habits, I tend to drive a truck very often that goes between the mainbase and the frontline to have free transportation for people. I love doing that.

So yeh, I prefer trucks to halftracks when it comes to troop transportation, halftracks over trucks when it comes to ramming lines.


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21st February 2004

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#6 12 years ago

I hope we see a kit request feature like PR's. Being able to request them from APCs makes APCs a must for mobile flexible warfare.


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23rd December 2003

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#7 12 years ago

:( i'm sure that in fh² you will always find a moron to move your apc which where in a support role ... at least at the beginning i hope ...

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10th April 2004

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#8 12 years ago

Transportation to the front lines and setting WAY back from the front lines for mg support is what APCs do best. Mine laying on El Al and Gazala makes them a bit more useful if your own tanks/jeeps don't trash themselves on the mines. They do have a function how be it inefficient on the Phillipines map as Allied AA against Nissan air forces assisting the take over of the air field islands. As far as being over used, I don't think it will be. An APC or truck or whatever is the logical vehicle of choice for a squad. The afore mentioned whatevers could be a LVCT (sp) or (think of the possibilites) a jeep.


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29th September 2003

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#9 12 years ago

Agreed, APC's are not built to be assault vehicles, and shouldn't try to penetrate a heavily-defended enemy line on their own.

But they are very useful indeed if there are friendly tanks around to protect them, because then the enemy tanks and AT guns will likely be shooting at the friendly tanks instead of your APC.

Let the tanks go in first, and the APC brings up the rear to deploy troops to the newly-overrun enemy position and secure it.


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#10 12 years ago

The only real time I've used any APC on FH is when I'm alone or with very few soldiers, and I know an infantry attack is likely to be coming. Not knocking something like an Enfield or Nagant, but I'd rather be sitting with an MG infront of me when there is likely to be 3-5 soldiers coming at me at once. Although once they figure out you're basically sitting ontop of the APC your an easy target, so it can't be used for too long.