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#51 15 years ago
MkH^Yes, splash damage should be definitely increased. One of my favorite suggestions is making it possible to change the grenade type from HE to AT. Right now the main guns do pathetic damage.

And, as it has been posted in this forum before, it is possible to use two types of tank ammo with the BF42 engine.

http://www.gamingforums.com/showthread.php?t=127610 Argh, dang - the images don't exist anymore. :uhm: Eglaerinion, could you please up them again if you've still got them?

And I totally agree, especially the Panzer 4 D ist next to useless alltogether. Considering it was designed to fight infantry IRL, it's quite ineffective in fighting tanks - ok, that's right. But it's got a 7,5 cm gun able of firing HE (large area of shattering fragmented parts, strong explosion, read: anti-inf) shells.

Well, just about the only way of fighting inf with the Pz4 is killing them by the coax mg or by throwing a grenade next to an inf man so the explosion throws them sky-high. This is plain bullshit. If I have a HE shell explode five meters away from an infantryman, he should be dead. End of story.

The effect of HE shells should already be improved for the simple fact that combat ranges in FH are way shorter than they were IRL and infantry AT weapons are way more effective. I'm not saying make a 30 meters deadly splash radius for HE shells. But an explosion radius of the size of the average FH's house length that kills just about any infantry might be right.

More on the original topic, I think arty might also profit greatly from two sorts of ammo. Arty AP shells were flying rather slowly compared to tank AP shells IIRC and were actually more of a last resort. But arty AP shells tended to be heavier than tank AP shells, so they would kind of make the lower initial speed up by caliber. On the other hand, a HE hit on a tank's tracks might cause them to break, which would result in the tank losing a track and becoming immobile. This effect could be simulated by giving arty HE shells some AP damage as well in a very limited area of impact.

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#52 15 years ago

How about the 150mm Long tom American SP!


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#53 15 years ago

June 24th?

You must be kidding me, right?

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He used a search ....


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