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1st October 2003

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#71 16 years ago

The Storm:Remove ju-87g,i dont even find it challenging,u outperform and shoot down any il2,destroy some t34s turn around rearm do it again,there is nothing that can stop you,only if the allies capture the flag with flak then they have a chance to shoot u down.

Most of the pasific maps:The japs have too many armors,have u ever checked the production quantities of the jap tanks, most of them is about hundreds not even thousands,and i guess they were used mostly in china ,but they spawn right after another especially in tarawa,how can a tank can survive from air raids naval bombardments at that tiny island(1,5 miles from one end to other)infact i doubt that japs had any armor at all in tarawa.

Iwo J─▒ma:Japs have better aircraft both in quality and quantity,they are much more destructive compared to allies: 4x20mm n1k1,one torpedo bomber,2x50kg bomb carring n1k1 with 4x20mm canons ,and a (maybe 2?)zero(s) and 4 aa guns, japs can bombard ships, landing crafts,armour but allies only have one corsair with 6 rockets as a fighter bomber and u cant hit shit with it,when allies grey a flag a jap tank arrives and massacres any infantry, ppl call for airsupport all the mighty us fleet can provide is an uneffective strafe run with 1 corsair and 2 hellcats using .50cals,if they are not busy dogfighting outnumbering jap planes and can pass through enemy flak.Japs shouldnt have any moving armor at all in this map,only well dug in defences mgs paks etc. and allies need some firepower in the skies...


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16th September 2002

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#72 16 years ago

Rheingubugbgndsfkwhatever --

- Remove the landing craft from both sides. Are we having a naval battle or speedboat races?

- Maybe make all the ships objectives like the radar towers in Battle of Britain or the carriers in Coral Sea? This would make more sense than a territorial capture map which ends up feeling like musical chairs.