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27th April 2003

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#71 16 years ago
'[nlInvincible']are u talking to me:confused: how do you know my name ...haha

i dont know if you ever thought about it but there are acctually other pepole named Jasper ...


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30th April 2003

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#72 16 years ago

I really like Foy. I would hate to see it lost or changed.

Couldn't there be a new version of it, and the old one retained as well. Just put a 'classic' on the end of the old one and make the new one and everyone's happy. ;)


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28th December 2004

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#73 16 years ago

Dhu... but I just made a sig... mayb its time to start talking about FH en dont complane about everyting peaple post.


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29th December 2003

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#74 16 years ago

BossDaveIt seems to me that you all want the battle of foy changed just so it looks like the one in band of brothers. Would be nice if devs decided to redo the map, but personally I could make a much better arguement for remaking some of the dice maps (or even all of them).

For example whens the last time anyone played midway on a server?.

Foy does suck. The city is just one huuuge rape for Allies, you can't do anything there in CQC with ping of more than 10 :mad:

And all DICE maps? Remove Bulge and you're a dead man.

Midway, well, I play it from time to time, it's good for owning with an AA gun :naughty:


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27th May 2004

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#75 16 years ago

foy sucks at the moment, arminace, please fix it and make it properly even if its unbalanced make it a challenge, remembe rthe airborne fought there against overwhelming odds


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22nd July 2004

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#76 16 years ago

Have any of you hear played Call of Duty: United Offensive yet? That is kinda how I thing Foy should be. The single player version not multi Foy. Here's a few things that must be added.

1. Flak 88: Was there any newbelwefers at Foy. On my count no. Take those out and add some flak 88's. 2. Haystacks. Enough said. 3. Stationary Mg's. Don't have the pack they can spawn with just add more stationary mgs. 4. Stug for germans. 5. Space out city.