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9th October 2003

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#21 15 years ago

You know, HL2 runs better on my crappy outdated, inferior comp than FH.. it's just that the engine is better. And HL2 was a piece of cake.. took me about.. four days to beat it. Well, it takes some intelligence offcourse, but eh.. Streets is optimized to the bone, I can't reduce anything to the lag anymore. You'll have to lower your sound settings. As for Outskirts.. I can't really seem to put much together with the FH trenches. I could do a quick replacement for the old, laggy trenches though..

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28th May 2003

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#22 15 years ago
Solo4114That map has always sucked since it came out in vanilla. What really ought to be done is a new Berlin map that's a real street fight up to the Reichstag. Something similar to Arnhem, but with almost no vehicles and a lot more rubble. Also, no ammo crates, and automatic weapons as pickup kits only to prevent spammage/whorage.

Wich idiot would ever select a rifle to fight in confined house to house street combat with ??????

And that without ( realistic ) close range rifle attack attributes such as rifle buttstock melee action or rifle attached bayonets ?????

MP40 and PPSH were mass produced weapons....... I'd have one in a confined house to house streetcombat maps like that, since SMG and automatics are much more usefull there and call it rediculous and not realism at all if we have only rifle kits there.

You don't need a SMG in large open need it in cities..... :rolleyes:


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1st January 2004

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#23 15 years ago

Hi all,

That new Berlin map looks fantastically apocalyptic and intimidating. I always enjoy King Rudolf's maps, they're always good and grim.

As for Outskirts of Berlin, what a classic meat-grinder of a battle, it's also one of the few (only?) maps with a proper front line. I'm greatly looking forward to it's return.