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#41 13 years ago

Komrad_BWell it was a miracle that we actually won, a miracle granted by our unrealistic ninja universal carrier colt using bazooka throwing magic universal carriers. In win-lose terms the map might not be extremely unbalanced, what bother me is that its a perpetual rape until some lucky allied guy/guys take a back flag. Its just.. not fun :uhm: (Magical Cromwells are better :))

Name me a town tightly surrounded by invisible "you DIE if you go here n00b" boundaries in France and I will send you a cookie by mail. (Best I could find--->

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A M10 would have been nice, or maybe no Jagdpanzer for axis (hey, I doubt all towns in France were defended by a battalion of medium tank destroyers!). (Hardly call a Pz3 a challenge)

Also, it would be nice to have you spell correctly. (I apologize, my spelling is whoretrcoius)

-The 105 howitzer is a 105 howitzer... Not a tank destroyer. Due to Bf42 crappy tanking, angle doesn't matter, just hit the top or whatever

-The M36 can at least hurt the jagdpanzers, something the Shermans can't do. Flank shots and sneaky infantry

-We're not talking about planes, wich were hopefully left out of this map. (Just a refernce about my "Hitler" tanking abilities)

About tanks and urban setting, this "village" is barely urban setting at all. And how can the sherman support infantry if it get killed by a jagdpanzer (wich spawns at the beginning of the round)? :rolleyes: (Good point, but be speedy, and hope the n00bs havent gotten your tank)

You see Pilotka, this is like a checkerboard, and suiciding pieces to support an attack is fairly stupid. There is a bottleneck, and enough german tanks to cover it completely. (If you get a Pz3 on one side and a Jagd on other, kill Pz3. If both tanks are on one side go around.....then die.)

My reference to planes was me just saying I am not "Rommel" when it comes to tanks.

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