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22nd May 2007

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#1 9 years ago

This mod brings several BF2 vehicles and maps to BF1942! I converted 6 or 7 BF2 vehicles and 10 BF2 trees for Highway Tampa, including a couple BF2 statics. (Helo pad and a couple buildings in Highway Tampa)

I didn't create this mod. Sting and Blacknife did. tongue.gif:

But I fixed a ton of bugs and converted vehicles straight from BF2 to enhance the mod. This mod uses a lot of stuff from existing BF1942 mods, but it's the menu system that sets this mod apart from the rest. The HUD and menu look really dam close to how it looks in BF2 and I made a few tweaks (added a bit of transparency to ingame HUD to more closely match BF2 for example) to make it look even better. ecstatic.gif

I added one new map: Highway Tampa. The BF2 trees look really good on this map. ecstatic.gif

Check the readme included with the mod for full changelog.

Here's some videos I made of the mod:

Theatrical Preview: ecstatic.gif Battlefield 242 Preview 2 - YouTube

Older Preview: BF242 Mod. Quick Preview. - YouTube

Vehicle Showcase: (6+ minute video showing ALL the BF2 vehicles that I converted to this mod. The UAV isn't shown because I forgot to record footage of it. tongue.gif: ) Battlefield 242 Vehicle Showcase - YouTube

Short Video showing off vehicle drop system: BF2 style Vehicle drop in BF1942! - YouTube


New version uploaded! This time as one file, so you don't have to worry about multipart installers anymore:

Version 1.0b: (new file host courtesy of Matchy)


Mirror: BF242_v1.exe

New version includes a few fixes. Faster supply drop UAV and a new map.

Please note that new file host renamed the file. But at the moment it's better then having to split it into parts!

This is the full installer. Please uninstall any previous version you might have prior to installing this for best results.

Hope you enjoy this mod. ecstatic.gif

Also note, that most conquest maps will crash when hosted on a multiplayer server for reasons I cannot find. It is not a debuggable crash sadly. But COOP should be more stable in multiplayer. SinglePlayer is 100% stable. ecstatic.gif


Fixed corrupted file with part 5. Reuploaded it to different file host. The installer should extract without errors no