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22nd May 2007

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#1 8 years ago

Friend's, ist on the time to preview new facts about this mod, sry that have been waiting for a time of it. But now i present it for you the BF Heroes 42 3.0 News.

APACHE talk about the standing of the work on the BF Heroes 42 update, to this information released a preview movie for the comming 3.0 update: Finished the wreck mesh for the Royal version of the boat. (not yet done alternate textures for it yet)

I even animated the flags to fall down while the front mast brakes in half.

Battlefield Heroes'42: Boat Wreck Animation Battlefield Heroes'42: Boat Wreck Animation - YouTube

Battlefield Heroes'42: First Functional Boat

Battlefield Heroes'42: Boat Sailing in Perilous Port

Battlefield Heroes'42: Alpha Bush

Battlefield Heroes'42: Alpine Assault Winter 2.0 MagnumForce51's Channel - YouTube