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#41 12 years ago

No rifles won't become useless. Each soldier only has a few bandages(I think it should only be one) so he can only get hit once before he better find a medic. And while he is getting a medic he can't fight.

You may not realize it but most attacks weren't beaten off because all the attackers died, most defenses weren't destroyed because all defenders were killed. That is what this would be like. You can't jsut keep attacking because you've been wounded, so you need to fall back. And then once enough guys start falling back their attack starts to lose momentum.

I jsut think you would need to rework the whole medic concept. I think the soldiers should only be able to patch themselves up once at most(acually I think it should be none) then after that they have to pull back to an aid station to get healed. All the medics do is SLOW the bleeding so the soldier can make it back to the aid station and get healed, as in having their health bar replenished.

This is how I would see the average battle going with this system.

You've got Germans dug in with a few MGs but mostly rifles and a few SMGs(rememebr, class limits). The Americans attack with mostly Garand, and some Tommys and a BAR or two. The Americans get in postion and oepn up on the Germans. The Germans return fire. A few Americans are taken out by the MGs right off the bat, a few get killed with headshots. The Germans are in defensive postions so havn't taken as many casualties but they had two guys evactuated to an aid-station to be healed. One dies on the way becaue he didn't find a medic and goes into the respawn queue(which might need tweaking to make dying more annoying) the other gets there and is healed and sent back to the line fit and fighting.

In that time mortars opened up on the Americans. Four of their guys were hit with sharpnel and sent back to an aid station. Two were killed outright. Three more Germans were wounded in that time, all of them making it back to the aid station at their mainbase. The Americans are down to only a few guys, the rest are dead or back at their base getting fixed up. They either die fighting, or pull back in defeat.

Overall neither side lost very many people at all but the Germans force the Americans back and hold a strategic postion(flag). The Americans got off better then if all of their guys would hav died because they didn't lose as many points as they would have otherwise.

Now to make dying more of an annoyance you could do things like increase the respawn wait or make it so that when you die you lose personal points(like a good number of them)

On the other side of that you could simply make it harder. or immpossible, for a wounded man to fight, forcing him to fall back. HE could either sit at the front, bleeding to death slowly from that rifle hit while he can't use a gun and is forced to lie prone in cover, or attempt to escape, get healed and then head back.

Man if I knew how to mod, and this was all possible, I would be working on it right now because I am liking the idea more and more.


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#42 12 years ago

The 1-3 hits death system makes more sense. You're blasted in the leg or arm with multiple rifle rounds in real life, you're effectively out of the fight. Your not running off to find a medic to wrap you up so you can start fighting again.

Chances are if your in dange of bleeding out, you're in no condition to fight at that point. The idea that a medic can put a patch on you and you can go back and start fighting like you were never hurt is just as unrealistic as a medic defibing someone who just got hit with a grenade. Also, the idea that I have to catch a ride back to the nearest "aid station" everytime I get any injury is not appealing.

If your hit a few times(like now) you should die. Weakening weapons to make bleeding more important is going to cause one-sidedness. What happens when Axis are assualting a posistion and run up against americans that are majority armed with semi and auto-weapons while the axis rely on their single action KAR98s? They get slaughter since they can't put as much lead out there and even when they do hit, it has to be the head or else they have to hope the guy can't find a medic within the next 5 minutes.

Lengthening a life meter just to make bleeding work seems gamey. If anything it brings in that BF2 "I've shot you 10 times die!" effect that I'm sure not many people here like.


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#43 12 years ago

I'm not proposing it take 10 shots to kill someone. I'm saying that the first shot from almost any weapon should take you down to about 3/4th health,plsu you start to bleed, the second shot takes you down anothe quarter of health and causes you to bleed faster even faster. In other words, atleast from a rifle two shots will still kill you.

All a medic does it SLOW the bleeding, doesn't stop it. So you either have the choice of finding a medic and then heading back to an aid station to acually get healed, or I suppose you could let the person fight to their death out on the front.

Also any way you look at it I don't think shots to the arm should cause you to die very quick at all, with or without bleeding. I know for fact that just getting shot in the arm was usually not enough to warrant heading back to an aid station, or even summoning a medic. There were alot of cases were people were hit, they tossed a bandage on right quick, then continued on fighting. It should only be torso and head wounds, or 3-4 limb wounds to kill you.

You could set it up so getting hit in the arms or legs only caused to to bleed out a little bit. Just enough to make the wound noticable but not enough to make that one wound alone make you want to head back, or even find a medic.

Now that I think about I thoguh there are a few problems with this system.(or any health system for that matter)

The first is that whole no fear of death thing that makes it effectively impossible to make a truly realistic game. The second is that people in video games are WAY, WAY, WAY too accurate. These compound to mean that most people only ever aim for the torso or head, when in reality alot of wounds were minor wounds to limbs, and alot of the time people just fire in the direction of the enemy to keep them under cover(no fear of death, so that doesn't work in a game).

I really wish that someone would code this system to test it out but it would probaly be so time consuming that testing it wouldn't be worth it for the devs. I would rather they just went with their current system.