Bratwurst FH2 supersmall Soundpack released -1 reply

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2nd August 2006

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#61 12 years ago

Not a bad patch - tried it today. Love the tank reload sound especially, very realistic, by far the most realistic sound ingame, vanilla or Patch. I do wish the devs could use it along with more of such to get sound effect that more realistic and solid. That said, I must confess some sound patches did dissapoint me somewhat. I didn't particular like the smg sounds - They didn't sound more realistic, less game-ey or any moreso realistic as far as the guns they represented... just different, and not prefered at that. Then there was the No4 lee-Enfield. Sounds in Fh2 tend to sound a bit stronger than those in FH1, this new sound sounded very 0.7ish and too abruprt. The beef-up of sound seems different, but wierd rather than better. Personally, I thought there'd be the distant sounds that existed in FH1. Bang exposions with dust settling, muffled shot sound from far off. It was Bratwurst then, so I figured it'd be a Fh2 version. I'm sorry if I sound ungrateful. I am. There is definitely good in it that can hep Fh2, but it also has its other bits... A refreshing difference to Fh2 nonetheless