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1st July 2005

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#41 10 years ago
torenico;4814221Does any FH2 server has its own server on Mumble?

Yeah really. Just tried this a couple nights ago. Mumble FTW! If the devs could work a toolbox style mumble into Normandy i would be so happy.


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11th September 2004

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#42 10 years ago
Kev4000;4812682Aimbots really aren't that dangerous. The server calculates where you hit, thus an aimbot could only help by pointing in the direction to shoot.

With my experience with aim bots (I think it was on a BP off server in CODyears back), they are in fact that dangerous. Every shot the guy made hit something, as long as there was someone to hit within the weapons reach. If he was facing 5 enemies with a semi automayic rifle, he would fire 5 rounds within 1-2 seconds, scoring 5 kills. If he got on a MG, no one could get out of the main, because as soon as they popped the head over the hill, they got shot (The guy kept on firing). Obviously these kind of obvious cheaters stand out and will be banned soon. However if they are smart, they won't use it in that manner. Instead they could fire one shot every 2 seconds, making it impossible to tel if he is cheating or just good.

If the code of mumble can be used to create such a aimbot is another question of course. In any case, its best if this subject is not discussed in detail publicly.


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23rd October 2006

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#43 10 years ago

Security through Obscurity is not a good approach to such questions. But seeing that Mumble is OpenSource I am pretty sure that they already discussed this topic and integrated some solutions (transmiting your position only when you talk). Also aimbots are quite pointless in BattleField because when your enemy is sitting in a tank or plane you couldnĀ“t headshot him anyway :) And drawing something onto the Screen via Overlay is most likely caught by PunkBuster Screencaptures.