Can a Squad Leader or Officer place a Spawn Tent (Rally Point)? -1 reply

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5th November 2005

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#41 13 years ago

I 100% agree Lobo.

Now with the SL spawning, battles can wage across large maps and solid offensives can be made without the need for a full 32 player side. This is particularly important in Aussie servers as we don't get the amount of players you guys in Europe and the US do. I can see alot of my clanmembers playing this game. :D


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#42 13 years ago

@sturmtrupp: well think about it this way if a squad is allowed so close its almost over anyway, the defence have to make them not come close. And i think the lack of communication and discipline in gaming squads makes it better to have a better punch, therefore spawning instead.

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10th January 2006

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#43 13 years ago

I agree about the fights between 2 coordinated squads. It certainly allows for a "small" battle within the larger (map) battle. A lonely little corner of the map which could otherwise be easily bypassed can be the setting for some very fun, protracted engagements between attackers and defenders. If an attacking squad can "finally" rout the enemy squad defending the bridge bottleneck, a quick message to the commander that the tanks are safe to cross is how it's meant to be! Combined arms, teamwork, strategy. So, what is wrong with letting the respective SL's enjoy the fun as well? Why must one player bear the responsibility of survival to maintain the squad's spawn point so that the firefight can laster longer than a minute or two. People say that the weapons are harder to use in FH2 than FH1 (pixel shooting) because of the iron-sight, but really, how long do you think a fighting SL will last once players become used to the iron-sights? (Not mentioning dug-in machine guns, AP mines or the camping tank in the middle of a tree-less salt-plain. I think we all want the same fun and we all know what it's like to fight with others against a group of others. Why else do full servers stay full and empty ones struggle to get more people? Being able to drop a spawn point relieves a little of the strain on an SL, meaning it's more likely the average player will start a squad, use Voip and coordinate 5 other teammates. If anything, remove the spawn on SL altogether and only let the squad on the Tent but don't allow tents to be placed within 150m from a flag. No more "monkey magic, instant army on a flag" with a hidden SL and the SL can have some fun without feeling bad if he get's cut in half by the hidden MG34. I don't know, travelling from main all the time is not "so" bad, but abandoned transport vehicles all over the map is a bit odd. The BF2 engine has teamwork advantages over Bf1942 (as well as the obvious graphical bump) and it's my opinion that Fh2 needs to encourage their use. I seem to remember that teamwork in Fh1 was pretty rare and was usually a case of realising that you were running in the same direction as some other voiceless people at the same time. Spotting for Arty was sadly lacking as well. Teamspeak was created for a reason.... As for spawn points being camped - of course it happens occassionally. It happens about as much as a camping tank. It only takes one squad member with a mic to Say "our rally point is being camped, don't spawn there" and voila, the squad spawns back and main and puts down a fresh one. If it's getting camped, you've lost it anyway, no? I hope this discussion continues on the way it's going. I really don't want the devs to take this as a criticism of the first release because it most certainly is not. Maybe they'll revisit the idea for a later version.... (Maybe NOT!) OKay, as I write it is only a few hours before the release! Really looking forward to it.