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27th April 2003

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#31 15 years ago

Yesterday I ambushed my lovely firefly and destroyed 3 kingtigers and 2 Panther D's, they were really pissed off :D

In other round I saw a lonely kingtiger ambushed in an isolated place near to that wrecked opel with panzerfaust kits, I was panzerfausting him, driving my jeep to get another panzerfaust, panzerfausting, 3 times, he was crazy searching me because I was ruining his hidden position, finally a mate in a tank killed him because he was not alert trying to hunt me, it was great :D

And finally we had an awesome round as british holding the castle, of course we lost the match because we ignored the other flags but to defend the castle against waves and waves of german infantery and tanks was the best FH experience ever.

I think this map is awesome.