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29th April 2006

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#1 10 years ago

just a few days ago, i decide to play a few rounds of FH2.

when it comes to operation hyacinth, oh, i like that map no matter which side i am on

well, i was assigned to the axis team, i think, oh, my job is to prevent the brits from sneaking into the town, let me watch the pass to the town ( often many brits will charge in from the pass )


it's a long wait, even after the airfield falled, i see nothing that tried to get in the town by pass.

when i was just thinking where the hell those Brits go, suddenly, Axis HQ turned white...

i say: "wtf?"

simply because i was guarding the passes to the town, and i have a guy accompanying me too. i am sure that noone could get through unnoticed.

i am just thinking they must be either using hacks or some new way to get into the town... well, from the experience from FH1, in which i am a sneaking veteran... sneaking methods are :

1. swim, common thing in FH1, not possible in this map though

2. jump from buildings, not likely, since it's not possible to survive such a high jump...and they jump in under our eyes if they do this.

3. walk straight through and pretent to be the other team's men, extremely unlikely.

4. explosions that bring that guy in : not possible in FH2

5. jumping in from vehicles such as trucks, halftrucks, tanks... remember it from Ramelle Neuville.

afterall i come to a horrible conclusion that the Brits jump in from trucks, and many people claim that the Brits jump in from a bedford....

so, i wonder if the devs overlooked the possibility of this exploit ,.... or what?...

so far i think this is very cheap method to get through our defences...

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2nd January 2004

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#2 10 years ago

I know the correct way to get to the last german flag at the eastern most area but I will not reveal it due it is a nasty exploit imho. Even if the devs might think its not, I still think its unintented and should be punished for doing. Its nothing like using the vehicles tho, that would be too creative and even I think its genius and allowed. But the method they use is a bit of a glitch, while not being exactly a cheat. Its lame anyways.



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6th May 2006

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#3 10 years ago

uh uh, yesterday I pursued a brit truck coming from Airfield to German HQ along the map border. Then it passed thru the deserting zone, and came back to the north east wall... I should have waited to observe the way they would get in... damn I just straffed the two bastards...:uhm:

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19th February 2007

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#4 10 years ago

well using trucks or other methods like rooftops and stuff to get to places others are not creative enough isnt cheap in my eyes

even the "exploit" flippy is talking about is imo more ninja moves and tomb rider fh2 then cheating

or are you talking about that other real nasty exploit ? if yes then this is a real bad one :(

i can very well understand why people do it if you have 2 choices what will you do

1 - run across open field or road which are mined and MGs and snipers are just waiting for you to pop up


2 - avoid them and sneak up from behind and shot them with the flare gun :D

i know this is not a nice way to play but if people dont cover their asses right this is what they get


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22nd February 2005

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#5 10 years ago

There are alot of way's to get over the walls

Parking trucks beside the walls using ammo crates its even posebol to jump over the barbwire on the back side of german HQ