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2nd October 2003

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#111 15 years ago
BAMno i think they were removed completly ... IIRC...

Really, thats a shame. I could have sworn they were taken out to be redone because they didn't look right or didn't play well.


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17th July 2003

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#112 15 years ago

Last week hile playing a match on Orel I got a direct hit on th upper front hull of a T-34/76 as it came toward me. I shot first and T-34 didnt die, T-34/76 then one shot killed my PzIV-H.

Another time I was in a Tiger on Valirisk and was engaged with a KV-1 when two T-34/76's flanked me. I was pummeled to death in a matter of seconds and still did not kill the KV-1 even after multiple hits.

I do not agree that the gun is too weak. I do not feel the 76mm gun is too weak.


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#113 15 years ago

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