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#41 15 years ago
Cap.MillerYou can't even overdrive trees. I tried it out in the demo and it didn't work. I just saw damged & destroyed bridges. I was also looking forward to see damageable buildings and stuff. Of course there should be some buildings that can't be destroyed but not normal houses. It gives just so much cool atmosphere when you start the game in a nice city and afterwards it looks like Stalingrad in COD... This really dissapoints me :( And if you gonna say you need more ram for it I'm gonna buy up to 4GB to see that feature in FH2 because it's just unbelievable awesome. x)

I think you would enjoy Soldner, has all of that but at the price of system requirements if you want everything maxed out settings-wise.

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#42 15 years ago

just have the fences maybe parts of walls trees (if possible with out lag) really any thing a tanks and halktrackl can go threw, (mostly tank) should go threw maybe even parts of a wall (not the entire thing be breakable but parts) since now we have this ablity now we can have a bocage map with good hegdes and Rhino and dozer tank to get threw em (if possible ) i have said this lots of times about the hedges but SANDBAGS need to be drive overables THERE SANDBAGS!)


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22nd June 2005

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#43 15 years ago

I do agree that trees,fences,signs and some walls should be able to be run down....And you can blow up oil towers?


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#44 15 years ago

just tanks need to get through fences of wood and such and destroy trees, buildings of wood the engine of bf2 is capable of having a destroyable environment, but the testers told us, it is not funny to play on a completely destroyed map, so they did put limits to it Greetz Dragunov