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29th April 2006

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#41 13 years ago

i only use tactics with my squad now.

those orders from commander are stupid and non-practical, so i prefer to act on my own commands.

such as in Mersa Matruh

Matruh Station 1. taking Matruh station provide great cover, but hard to do so, since tanks cannot cap the flag and there are many 6 pdrs there. 2. not capping it but have a few camping around it will definitely draw British Attention there. 3. It's hard to reinforce other flags as British since the walking is sooo long.

either West Matruh and East Matruh are worth taking

East Matruh 1. in public server the defence is almost nil there. 2. defence easily bomb out by stuka 3. large flag radius , suitable for tank to avoid mines. 4. Cut off one of the Grant's Spawn. no more arty support for british while you have 2x.

West Matruh 1. Rather close, easily reinforced with tanks. 2. only a 6 pdr there 3. no good hiding places, no tall buildings around..., infantry around it easily blew up.

however, 4. Mines are very dangerous there! don't expect anyone to clear mines :/

however the hardest to take and hold in first stages is the Matruh Mosque, need not to explain, enemy just come from every direction.

Garawia 1. often lost to enemy jeepers, walking hell long infantries... guarding it is sooo boring.