Does the dev team have voice actors now? -1 reply

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29th February 2004

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#31 11 years ago

The Finnish voices were made by a Finnish FH2 dev who also made Karelia. He is presumed to have passed away as no word has been heard from him in years.


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27th May 2008

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#32 11 years ago
=7DR=von.small;4715322I'm not so keen on the death gargle, when you're stuck in one of those lush nade spams on Tunis, and you've got people going "blargh-blah-blah" all around you I start to believe i'm in a zombie shooter.

But you've got to love the "Naechstes Mal..." one :D.


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23rd December 2005

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#33 11 years ago
'[CHNHarrier;4713846']The Aussie voices are the most funny and interesting, "Fuck! I need a medic!" "What the fuck are you doing? Hold your fire!" LOL~~~ :rofl:


Don't tell me they're using those voices again.

Alright Donutz, when you're over here I'm so getting you to help me make serious Australian voiceovers :lol:

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or you'll be all liek "help, I'm up shit creek!" =p


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18th November 2007

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#34 11 years ago

@Thorondor and Flippy Yeah I was wrong. Its been so long since I played FinnWars that I somehow thought they were using same voices. :(