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Well yerterday i was playing Alpenfestung 1945 as German Side using GO229 and ME262 On the first minutes, using the GO229 (ME262 didnt spawn yet) i was Hunting a Bomber and i shoted down him whit some shots (I known the main gun is very powerfull) But a Thunderbolts Shoted down me whit some shots again, i mean 30 or 40.

I known why, bacuase the GO229 have Light Armor, like battle Between GO229 and GO229 20 shots and he die.

On Gazala,. i take the P-40 undeer enemy attack, i pull up and start a dog fight whit a [SYN] but he shoted down me whit 20 shots..

So how i can destroy a enemy plane whit some shots, whats the Vulnebility of the Airplane. Other Story, located onm Battle of Britain. I was on Spitfire hunting a JU88, and i shot him at the tail, but the pilot (one of my friend, whit mic) says "are you shooting at me, bacuase my health is at 100%" and theres was explosions on his tail.. very strange

Thanks and this is dedicated to Aces of FH.7

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Well, first you have to make sure your hits are registering. If your shots are causing damage then your reticule like in the picture below will have those four little diagonal lines appear. If you cause enough damage smoke will start trailing from their engines, and then its time to take them out once and for all.

Second I find the best way to cause damage is to not fire directly at the enemy but wait for him/her to go into a turn and then 'lead' the target. You lead a target by firing in front of them as they turn, in theory they will fly into the bullets (and usually the weak part of the aircraft is exposed). Of course if you are right on the enemy's tail then it would be best to fire straight at them.

All depends on the situation you are in ;)



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ohh thanks, thats a great example