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dslyecxi.com - enjoy your stay

The main objectives of this article are to increase awareness of unique or exceptional elements that have been successfully integrated into past FPS games (with an emphasis on the tactical/realistic side of things), highlight and praise implementations of "standard" features that were done particularly well in others, and give me a platform from which I can provide commentary on the various features and options relevant to the future of the genre that I find myself so very interested in.

I read some of this a few years ago and then lost the link and forgot about it. It's a completely obsessive guide (in a good way) and has cleared up many mysteries for me. It makes me feel like Neo exiting the Matrix when he explains to me what sight reticules actually DO and why that flap like sight on a grenade launcher is actually FOR something :bouncy:

(Note, I'm not sure how much of this is in FH. I'm not even sure if all of it should be in there, so I don't put up the link as critiscism. No, more as encouragement and general interest).