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I take what n0e says way too seriously

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2nd March 2004

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#51 16 years ago

I'd rather have a 6/6/0 score and shoot down 20 planes than a 42/38/12 score on the front... although both are common for me. But I do understand my attitude toward the game and scores is not common among others and do not expect them to take on my philosophy. I am defining Exploiting as using an obvious flaw in any game for the garnering of one's unnatural advantage. If one agrees (you don't have to) that entering vehicles from falling or any high speed is an obvious flaw and clearly has an unnatural advantage... then that is exploiting. Arrived at logically. In the case that one doesn't consider this exploiting there's no problem. It would just be normal gameplay. In the case that one does consider this expoiting there is still hope that we can reach a calm understanding instead of witchunting for similar "wrongdoers" in recognizing that: This is a commonly available exploit, is used ususally in reletively harmless circumstances, and in the case like that at the beginning of the thread... difficult to pull off in the most dire of circumstances. Also, it is unlikely this oversight by dice will ever be corrected... so if we get our panties in a bunch over this it will indeed be a permenant knot to chaffe us.