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28th May 2003

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#21 14 years ago
LordKhaineI just wish the brummbar didn't suck, I can live with the open MG ;). I used to love it in 0.5, but in 0.6 it really seems to lack. For such a huge shell and blast, it really seems to do little damage. Maybe it's just me

It sucks because it is placed in the wrong map(s), and it has little use since it can't destroy structures ( like bunkers ) and buildings...... that was it's purpose, it was a self propelled assault mortar. Same goes for the SturmTiger, only it's gun is even more destructive.

It was never meant to take on or be anywhere near where enemy tanks are......IRL field guns and AT infantry weapons were it's enemies.

The best place i think for it in FH is in city combat, instead of tanks. It cannot make buildings collapse ( too bad !! ) but at least it can blow away infantry in the streets.

Lets have some realistic city combat, you all seen pictures of germans using assault guns in cities ( early in the war they were siG33 ) and stop protecting the infantry from realistic vehicle inflicted damage........afterall it takes only one well aimed bazooka or panzerfaust shot to destroy a valuable vehicle.