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5th March 2005

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#31 13 years ago
LordKhaineAnything but the No.2! Accuracy is relatively unimportant with a pistol since it's usually used at virtual point blank range. Rate of fire on the other hand is essential, and the No.2 lacks badly in that respect. I know it's a revolver.. but it's not like it's a single action revolver! why does it shoot so slowly in FH? Or is it just me imagining a slower fire rate with it?

The no 2 revolver had no hammer spur so as not to get it stuck inside tanks and vehicles. This effectively made it a double action revolver, because pulling back on the spur was almost impossible. I don't know the scope of your understanding of guns, but a double action revolver is *very* hard to shoot fast. Especially when it has a twenty pound trigger pull.


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#32 13 years ago

Walther P38. Its really legendary weapon and many modern handguns are designed from it.


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6th July 2005

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#33 13 years ago

Luger PO8. I love "executing" bots with that gun.

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3rd September 2005

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#34 13 years ago

Walther P38 because you never had to cock it after reloading, just pull the trigger.



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26th October 2005

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#35 13 years ago
The CzarThe Colt. 45 Only if there was a kit with the M1 Garand and the Colt.....

back when Battle isle had that kit i went 50-5 regularly. I used to just know when the weapon was in its preffered range and switch automatically around every corner. Now the colt is so uber it makes up for the tanks being impossible to kill, u get just as many kills with the kit, its just way more kills are against INF as opposed to tanks. btw i say colt for sure.


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12th October 2004

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#36 13 years ago

Yea, the knife is much easier to hit with in 0.7.


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23rd December 2003

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#37 13 years ago

the m1911 because if you had the thompson 1928 "typewritter", you are a perfect al capone :naughty:


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12th September 2005

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#38 13 years ago

Luger & Beretta

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9th December 2003

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#39 13 years ago

This thread is pretty ancient... :lock:

I would go for th Ludgr btw.