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29th April 2005

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#101 15 years ago
'[21Pz Bergen Pz']I dont use forums very much so im not gonna "quote" ppl cause thats just dumb so ill keep it simple. The German Tanks totaly OWN every allied tank on the battlefield, the german tanks are just superior to the allied junk. Now that situation would make it apper that it is unbalanced, if the german tanks own then there wouldent be any allied players b/c they dont want to be on the looser team, but that is NOT THE CASE. PPl play allied ALL THE TIME! they feel proud when they kill the vaunted King Tiger with a bazooka, and rightfully so. Realism draws ppl to this game, sure a kingtiger can own everything but it can be stopped, its worst enemy is the P47 Thunderbolt with its rocket lauchers and 500 lbs bombs, the american fighter bombers keep the german tanks for the most part in CHECK! so i advocate makeing the panzer III more accurate and i would make up for that increase in accuracy with more allied tanks say 5 allied tanks per 1 german tank, that should even things out

If things are uneven, its dependant on the map. Look at Breakthrough, axis tanks are OVERKILL (KT,T,PT,JPz4...) but a smart allied Firefly can knock out any of them. And then the allies have the typhoons beeing the best tank buster there is. So if the allies had even more fireflys, this map would be unbalanced. But atm it depends on who is on what team.

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29th May 2005

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#102 15 years ago

implement it on a case by case basis