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5th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

The fh mapping kit is out now! Saw it on http://www.bf42.de/, its down at the bottom so it may be moved off soon. If it has, its also on http://www.warumdarum.de/ . EDIT: ok this posted in the mapping forums too, my bad. Well its out anyway if you didn't know.

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14th March 2004

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#2 16 years ago

My Germans about as sharp as my Chinese!!!!

Can we have a translation from anyone please???

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23rd July 2004

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#3 16 years ago
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#4 16 years ago

CiviusSomething like this: http://www.gamingforums.com/showthread.php?t=158516[/QUOTE] no not "something like this" it is the exact same tool. :D

[QUOTE=ArminAce]due to several requests via email / msn / icq where can i get "lightmapsamples.... toolX etc....." ive made a pack with all additional tools a good mapper (and also other modders) need.

this pack will be available soon.........


FH MODDING TOOL PACK V1.0 FOR VANILLA BF1942 + FH ********************************************************************** In this pack you will find several tools which are usefull for mappers 6 modders: USE THE FILES AT YOUR OWN RISK! The files contained in the pack still belong to their creators. Please read their readme files for credit & usefull information.

I´ve created this pack due to several requests where some tools can be downloaded and where to get costumn sample files......blaa blaa blaa... Hopefully everyone is now pleased. This pack contains:

2x FH mod logos 1x loadingscreen template + font 1x a hughe set of images from objects 3424x samplefiles (right now only vanilla BF1942 V1.6 + Forgotten Hope V0.65c) -several files to render objectlightmaps for your map (objectsLightmap.con etc.....) 1x 3ds MAX replacement file if you use 3dMax as Mapeditor 1x BF42 Light.exe (use this tool only for creating your imlist.dat) 1x samplemaker + batch file to create your own samples 2x mapeditor (Latest Version of Editor 42 and Madbullss heightmap editor PLEASE !!! PLEASE !!! READ THE README.TXT FILES OF THOSE PROGGIES BEFORE YOU ARE COMPLAINING OR ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS) 1x Adobe Photoshop plugin (v7.0+) to edit *.dxt files 1x winRFA.exe (i think its right now the best rfa tool) 4x different tools to convert, split, merge the textures of your map (very usefull for photoshop editing) 1x a list of all Material Id´s in Bf1942 1x a complete Vanilla BF1942 tree set as standartmesh version (very usefull for the map editors)

Due to a damaged HD ive lost also several other usefull tools + the names of the developers of those tools: -samplemaker -photoshop plugin -the 4 convert, split, merge tools If you have the Kontakt info and/or names of the developers please pass them to me. Ive just included them because those tools where written for this community and they are freeware.

If you miss any sample (I know i forgott to make some) just contact me and i will include them i nthe next version of this pack. Also contact me if you know other usefull tools/scripts/etc for this pack. Of course you can also send me your own created sample files/pics. I will include them if they are usefull.

Also other modding crews can contact me then i will include their loadingscreens samples etc.... this isnt a pack for FH + BF only ..... this should be a general helpfull pack for anyone who wants to mod for BF1942.

CONTACT INFO: ArminAce Msn & Email: [email]ArminAce@aol.com[/email] Icq: 82811360

********************************************************************** FORGOTTEN HOPE + LOGO * ASSOCIATED FILES ARE COPYRIGHT OF THE FH MOD CREW FH MOD Copyright / Copyright© 2003/2004 FH MOD CREW DEVELOPERS HP: http://forgottenhope.bf1942files.com **********************************************************************