FH Server "Arische Kämpfer" boycott -1 reply

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28th December 2003

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#551 16 years ago

Well i play there occasionally but i really dont care about their political stance since i really believe people could behave as they want as long its not affecting me (heck, i even dont care about president Bush either, not my president)

A good populated server. The one and only thing i dont like there is that the tag-distance is a bit too far.


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24th May 2004

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#552 16 years ago

Their homepage is up, I don´t think I´ll have to add anything to that...


ah yeah, and of their members called Berserker dropped by at the FHNation-Forums to prove his intelligence...LOL But just read for yourself...


P.S.: Forum seems to be currently down, but that´s the link!


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7th November 2003

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#553 16 years ago
Oscar Schindler was a Nazi... you gonna call him a Jew Killer?

Hell yeah

as long its not affecting me

It will, but it might be too late then


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8th October 2003

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#554 16 years ago

Honestly, this server isn't all that bad. I played many rounds on the server, and I wasn't really disappointed in any way.. well, maybe the server messages are in a grey area, but they don't seem to be nazi slogans to me. The messages are a bit on the edge.. but I don't see how that would ruin my gameplay.

Anyway, the members are fine people, or so it appears.. not once I saw them talking about nazi crap, or even stuff that would fit into the grey area. They're just like anyone else and now and then throw a few tactic moves into the team chat. The admins don't kick you for bullshit (like 21st panzer), in fact, when you use the word "fuck" or "nazi" or "hitler" too often in the chat, you get kicked automatically (server setting).

I've had many good rounds on the server, and although I wouldn't be disturbed if they removed the server messages (like on any other server!), I'm not going to boycott this server.

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9th December 2003

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#555 16 years ago

ok, this is just going on and on and on.

I hate going around in circles, we must go forward! look forward! look overthere 0.65!