FH to HL2? (instead of bf2 or if bf2 proves to be crap) -1 reply

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25th May 2004

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#51 16 years ago

The source engine is all good and fine, and would probably make a good home for Fh. But there is one major issue in the way.....Dod source. It already is owned by Valve, has a huge fanbase, and is pretty close to release. Nothing bad to say on fh's part but it just could not compete with Dod. Although the Bf2 engine may be worse or better in some aspects, at least fh will already have a waiting community. People that play Bf1942 are probably going to but Bf2. Same for Hl1 and Hl2. It just seems that Bf2 would be the better choice with all of fh's experience with the bf engine series. But hell the games arnt even out yet so why are we talking about this?


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29th July 2004

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#52 16 years ago
MK.If by "limited in scope" you mean used in a more realistic and sensible fashion, then yes. Unlike in Forgotten Hope, vehicles in GreenLight will not be throw-away toys which players can thoughtlessly drive to their immediate deaths only to have them respawn a few seconds later.

Please elaborate.