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5th October 2005

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#51 13 years ago

Ok, here's my translation, feel free to correct any mistakes you find.:)

Martti SiiriläI step to the controls of a steel lion and the Panzer rolls grumbling uphill. In middle of the hill the turret opens fire. The enemy has been discerned, but it's too late: the comrades being transported on my Panzer don't have time to react as the light machine gun in firing from the bushes pierces the poor soldier's clothes. A second later I see a panzerfaust taking position. The muzzle flash flashes - the incoming rocket can be seen for maybe a second, then the precious Panzer with it's driver bursts all over the field.

Forgotten Hope takes place on the peak of of the Greater-Germany's might, in other words the years 1940-1941. The utmost idea has remained the same as in the Battlefield itself: the different sides of the war fight for the control of strategially important points with guns, bombs and knifes. FH however offers a considerably more realistic grip of the battle than it's archetype: the first bullets often kills you, granades don't blow up tanks and you hit nothing when you are running. The game seeks to be as realistic as possible version of the Battlefield, not an all-around conversion. Besides the realism, FH also aims to correctly model historical battles all the way from the invasion of Poland to North African tank fights and the mass-escape of dunkerque. The weapons and vehicles vary greatly depending on the side and the year the map takes place in. The authors promise the following versions to serve more goodies, like rifle grenades, flame throwers and mortars. In Forgotten Hope you can take part to the conflicts under Italian and French banners also.

Outwards FH doesn't really differ from the Battlefield. The landscape is still little angular, but the overall look of the graphics is detailed and color usage is felicitous. The sounds vary from gabble to massive rumble - the noice of the airplanes is mainly crippled fizzle, but shooting with the machine guns feels good. The controls haven't beed touched, but guns have beed polished more realistic.

Forgotten Hope is altogether an excellent addition to the Battlefield 1942 mods. It doesn't bring anything new and reversing, but for players that prefer charges and realism over the head shots fired during jumps the mod in absolutely a profitable acquisition


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#52 13 years ago

Shocking but true, even I don't exist! I'm purely fictional for FH2 forum purposes.

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2nd May 2005

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#53 13 years ago

FH still gone from Wikipedia.

Officious pricks.

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20th July 2006

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#54 13 years ago

FH should make its own wiki,or the top modders should make a bf mod wiki


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6th October 2003

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#55 13 years ago

I have been collecting some refs, and will apply for reversal of the deletion soon. I was waiting for this latest GFW article to come out to see what useful factoids it may contain (only 5 more days). :)


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#56 13 years ago

Hey Guess What I Found! I Wanted To Buy Gold And Saw o l o o t . c o m They Have Power Leveling!


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27th June 2004

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#57 13 years ago
Emperor Norton I;3412587FH should make its own wiki,or the top modders should make a bf mod wiki

Actually, by coincidence, I started getting that idea a few days ago. FH really could fill its own wiki and it could offer wonderful information. -Expect a full recomendation of the idea from me in the next few days in Suggestions...unless you beat me to it, of course :p Even if an FH Wiki is made, though, it would be good to have the Wikipedia article back. So, that's good news, StF.


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11th March 2006

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#58 13 years ago

PRMM has its own wiki.