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#21 10 years ago
Eightba11;4477731I dread the campers in Tigers in Normandy, who will sit outside a flag and lob that massive HE shell into the city. Imagine Ramelle-Neuville, only FH2 style.

Is that not the best tactic? Tigers on the move look daunting to infantry but are vulnerable to multiple tank attacks. IMO, the best tactic as was deployed in Normandy was to use the tiger almost as a static gun emplacement, concealed until the last moment, when the allies realise "***k there's the Tiger" and they realise they are too late it puts panic into the battlefield. You may/may not agree, I also see the M3 as a siege/ static gun emplacement, it's best tactic is also to find a concealed area and defend or destroy from it's position for as long as it can.

I agree with what you are saying to some respects, there's a particular keyboard thumping annoyance when you are on the receiving end of HE after HE shell being blasted at a spawn point, but I look at it from the attackers perspective, his/her job is to stay alive and take out as many of you as they can. And vice versa. Some maps favour your enemies, some maps favour your allies... Tis war my friend, and often your survival relies on the abscence of honor and morals - even if it's only virtual - human instinct will always make the mind wonder at possibility of camping a flag in order to suceed.