Fh2 2.15 a date? -1 reply

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2nd January 2004

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#31 11 years ago

All those who are bummed down for 2.15 getting delayed and delayed... trust me, 2.15 is just so_much_better than 2.1 in every way. If you are disappointed... well, then you are disappointed and its sad but I see absolutely no reason to be. Just an amazing amount of fixes to various bugs and errors, new maps that are so much fun to play and look at, very cool new features, new weapons, new armies, new vehicles, new voices! Man! They are giving you more than they first promised when 2.15 was announced. :)


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29th January 2005

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#32 11 years ago

Thank you for that flippy, you simultaneously give us hope and excitement and also make us green with envy.



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30th November 2006

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#33 11 years ago

sheikyerbouti: we need 3d artist, modelers who can do lowpoly modeling and unwrap/texture. For example if we had more static modelers some of our more experience modelers wouldnt have to do that, they could make missing vehicles instead.

But we will consider applications in any field of modding even if its not the most urgent area right now.


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#34 11 years ago
sheikyerbouti;4614635To me this begs the question, What kind of help is needed by the Dev team? There might be more help offered if people knew what kind of expertise was needed.

Or even that help is needed - unless you're a regular on the forum there is no way to be aware of this.

For example, the FAQ on the site reads:

Q: How do I join FH? A: Can you mod? Although we may generally not have any official openings, we are always willing to consider and review people's work - be it their maps, models, skins or animations. We obviously do not guarantee success, but new material is always welcome, particular "unpopular" areas such as coding or animations. So don't be afraid to show your work. Contact information are to be found in the staff section.


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15th June 2008

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#35 11 years ago

I think there should be clear advertisements about joining fh2 team "i want you" like in main page and so on. Also ppl could advertise that advertisement to other forums and communitys that might have talented coders,mappers etc just waiting for "jobs". This is just poor suggestion, but whit that, fh2 team _might_ get some new devs and that would be cool.

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19th February 2007

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#36 11 years ago

i am confident that the 2.15 version will be released this year right now we are still testing the new maps looking for any bugs we can find. playtesting balancing etc this update will feature 2(3) new (mostly) infantry maps that are a lot of fun to play italian models + weapons work good so far

we are missing some animations right now for the italian MG but Killi is working on it and i m sure he will make a great job as usual

so basically it could be released right now but as most of the devs are perfectionists they want to polish it up and make the best release possible.

so be patient my fellow FH2 players soon you will see the light just a few more weeks (or months ;))