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4th August 2005

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#11 11 years ago

Pooky;4226793hehe looks like you were quite bored huh :D

looks like fun to do though, if i ever find time i'll try and create one of those ;)

I wouldn't say bored Pooks, I love the game so much I can't help but press that screenshot button, theres always something to take screenies of, I've yet to get a shot of a tank exploding into a fireball like they do occasionally, and I really really want a picture of a Brisitsh soldier facing the screen with his knife drawn.

My only downfall is I never get enough time to play the game, and do the fan art - I'd love to mod infact that was part of my degree - 3d modelling, but I just don't ever have enough hours in the day to do it... If I won the lottery I'd retire and just take up FH2 game modding ... lottery ftw!

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