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23rd April 2006

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#41 14 years ago

Well to me all that should be visible is the Health bar once you arte shot, the sprint bar should come up when used like in PRMM, the minimap, for realsime sake it should be removed, but if it was not htere i would have a hard time, maybe it could be replaced by compass or something, Ammo no need to show it, On the Personal scores, i think it should stay in, not because i like knowing how many kils i got but ti doeas name who is on the sever and ping.

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9th December 2003

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#42 14 years ago

When it comes to the HUD I would prefer:

- To have no magic bullet count but only a magazine count and rough estimate rounds left (Mag heavy, medium, light). Beinbg able to "check" your bullet count "visually" when not in combat would be nice (either with an indicator or truely checking by the eye).

- No healthbar, instead a 2d or 3d shape of your soldier or vehicle with several hit indicators. colors could range frrom green (white?) to yellow, orange and red.The closer tp dark red you are the more damage but it should be relative (as in uninjured, lightly injured, wounded, seriously wounded, critically wounded, dead). Same with vehicles. This way you can now where you were hit and roughly estimate how bad your conditions are as you should be able to in real life (determine where you got hit and checking of it's just a scratch or your entire arm is off... :p ).

- No minimap in the HUD, this can be brought up though with M.

- No CP's being indicated, neither enemies or empty vehicles that are not "friendly".


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2nd March 2004

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#43 14 years ago

If you're going to have a lot of floating crap on the screen a la BF2, please make it able to be cleared with the Alt key. The just general clutter on the BF2 hud is pretty awful.

I love to play Vietcong in "Vietnam Mode" or H&D 2 with the hud removed (you can still check your ammo, health, ect with the switch weapon or inv screen, but it takes a concious effort)