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#21 10 years ago

PR no total conversion? Please, of course it is. It plays more radically different from vanilla than FH2. I think their success lies within catering to nichè gamers (the military technology lot). Then again, so does FH2 (the WW2 nerds), but you have to remember, PR has been around since 2006 and slowly increased the size of their community. Do you think they started out with 500 players per evening after they released their first version (increased weapon damage and no kill messages IIRC)? After 2.1 the player numbers fell down to pre-patch levels very soon, but the last time I played there were 2 servers almost full in the evening, almost two months after 2.15 was released so there is at least a slight increase. I think I can say with some optimism that the release of the normandy stuff will make that 2 servers permanent. So stop envying PR and get onto the servers (I will, as a matter of fact).

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#22 10 years ago

You want my guess why there's such a big difference in the playercounts between FH2 and PR? FH2 is in its beginning stages, with North Africa only being done. That's it for me, nothing else. It's a cool theatre, but if you'd ask people for their favorite one, the most would surely split between Ostfront, Normandy and the Pacific. I for one have the impression that the last patch already has boosted the playercount a little, as I feel hslan is now full during a longer part of the day, though this maybe just could be my personal feeling.