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18th February 2008

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#31 10 years ago

Mokusaku;4532550I just did what Natty told at the end of punkbuster handshake failed -thread: " It's easy... It's the same as in bf1942, you need three files... read carefully on evenbalance site... 1 file goes into /pb folder and two goes into /pb/htm works like a charm :D "

That solved my problem for good. But it seems for some even this won't help. :(

you guys mean A-B handshaking error? I had this every time I joined a game, but I noticed that PunkbusterB doesn't start at system startup as it should. So I just re-set starting conditions in windows services list for both A and B. Works since then.


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4th August 2005

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#32 10 years ago

Those stats reflect the most regular visitors to the HSLAN server, nice to see *I finally beat Luftwaffe! o0mn10 I'm coming for you son! Wonder why Angelcorpse is so low down, I am always trying to wrestle that guys gold or silver medal off him.

*I don't much care for stats, but I like to see where I am just out of curiosity, it won't change the way I play and it won't change the regularity at which I play. It's just... nice.


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20th February 2004

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#33 10 years ago


Player Score:1281 Player Minutes: 963 Score per Minute: 1.3 Rank on Game Server: 959th out of 27,175

To bad that after you start modding yourself you hardly have time to enjoy the game you helped to create.:(