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29th April 2006

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#701 11 years ago

wtf wtf? they gonna have Iowa class battleship????

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12th May 2007

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#702 11 years ago
General_Henry;4369110wtf wtf? they gonna have Iowa class battleship????

looks like it, I don't think it's a project of the FHSW modders themselves (it says in the video, "The Sappers"?) Iowa class would be more equal (in fact, probably dominant) to the default Yamato but not realistic for any battles before '44.

but anyways, I got excited when I read this on the FHSW website (translated poorly, mind you):

"Another more news today. Warships in the next version of the kind of ammunition will be selected features. The anti-aircraft gun ships other than aircraft carriers, ground / for anti-submarine and anti-aircraft ammunition and armor-piercing grenade will be able to separate. In addition, the Japanese naval vessels to the three shell-style anti-aircraft artillery shells will be available."

But most importantly:

"In addition to the Daiwa several new warships are will be added."

Does this mean we will see more cruisers? (Takao class?) Will we see some new Japanese Battleships? (Kongo class, Fuso class, Ise class, or Nagato class?). Maybe a new/modified carrier? Or perhaps more American ships.

I reall hope they put in a Fuso or Nagato class :) Wouldn't care much for the latewar Ise as it was converted to a battleship carrier that looked fugly with the stern messed up and it wasn't very effective. Kongo class would be nice though and probably make the most sense as those were the ships that did the majority of the fighting (especially at Guadalcanal, where Kirishima got owned by the Washington).


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23rd November 2004

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#703 11 years ago

The hungarians are still messed,but looks nice. I really liked the Trench Test map.Servers should play it. It resembles to a Goldeneye multiplayer level (maybe Caves?)