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27th April 2003

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#51 12 years ago

I just can model them :bawl:


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28th May 2003

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#52 12 years ago

You can model and skin them, CTZ or Master Minder can code them and I can fly them, the perfect combo ;)


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17th October 2003

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#53 12 years ago

Way back when the original game was released, there was a lot of comment on which plane was better at this and which at that and so forth. I thought it was rather comical as there seemed to be a "fighter" flight model and a "bomber" flight model. I'd been flying flightsims for some years, starting with Combat flight simulator and going up through the entire IL-2 series, with a few oddballs like European Fighters and Mig Alley thrown in.

I actually did some testing with the BF1942 aircraft, using the same methods we used for CFS aircraft. Stopwatch-timed turns and climb-rate and so forth. I found very little difference between the aircraft in each group, and all performed in an entirely unrealistic manner. A very manueverable WWII prop fighter like the Zero could be expected to make a single 360 degree turn in under 30 seconds, but loosing turn-rate after that. A sustained turn is another animal. The Typical BF1942 aircraft could make these turns in well under 10 seconds.

As I've said before, the BF1942 aircraft bear no resemblance to flying an actual WWII fighter. (I have, sort of. I took one of those "Warbirds" flights in a Texan trainer. Quite an experience.) I suppose that in the context of the game, they have a certain usefulness, but I can hardly bring myself to bother with them.


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19th April 2004

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#54 12 years ago

fly upside down when being chased, they usually get scared and turn around.

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1st June 2005

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#55 12 years ago

that's crazy! i like it!

I'm a bad flyer, I can only pwn in Singleplayer, or is it just my slow DSL. I just stick to friendly fighters nice enough to give some cover. My favorite plane would be the Stuka since it's stable and it packs some punch.