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3rd January 2007

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#51 13 years ago

my joystick is FUBAR, it always wants to roll right


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29th April 2006

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#52 13 years ago

a tip, kill those good pilots before they jump into their planes :p i killed MG42 once when he got no plane :)

i am no fan in dogfights, i never win any of them before...(except some spam-and-pray kill)

beware that jap riflenades can shoot down a piper, and panther G can shoot down a big bomber easily with the main gun, in fact big bombers are vulnerable to tanks with high velocity guns, i have even shot down a plane with panzer 4h :/

for bombing runs a tip is that don't bomb too kill yourself lol

and finally is that before you get into a plane, make sure that there are no enemy infiltrators with a AA gun, also, don't stand like a tree in the runway and wait for plane, before the plane spawn your spawn screen will spawn first :)

i am just wondering how on earth you can shot down a plane with the arado 234 tail gun, except on FHSW, but it's very hard too....


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11th April 2005

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#53 13 years ago
The Last Unknown Soldier;3891302my joystick is FUBAR, it always wants to roll right

It's not your joystick, it's the bf42 engine which won't accept the vast majority of j-sticks. Almost 100% of the super pilots have the "right" stick - whatever that is.


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30th September 2003

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#54 13 years ago

When I used to play, yes I haven't had the game installed for more than three years. I used to eat fog hoppers for breakfast. I never got shot down in the last 8 months of playing either, I also never used external views.

MG42Maniac;3889355The trick is to catch the guy off guard so a long twirly fight does not ensure in which AA whores or enemies planes can join in with making your odds a whole lot worse. 90% of my flying related deaths are when i'm chasing a fighter at low level and an AA gunners / enemy planes decide to interfere .I tend to lurk around just out of visible range from the ground and when I see an enemy plane I will dive on it and give it a long burst and normally kill it in one pass, if not I will fuck off back into the clouds and watch as hes flying low in circles looking for me then dive back now and finish it off.[/quote]

The best are never off guard. In fact I want you up there lurking and attempting to take me down. You're a known factor because I know how you play and how to counter your tactics. I also want you to commit to attacking me thinking I've made a mistake. Arrogant perhaps, totally confident of my own abilities back then definitely.

MG42Maniac;3889355In large dogfights such as Bombing the reich I look at the minimap, you can just tell whos in a dog fight by watching their plane go round and round on the minimap. I will wait till the icon is at the right angle then dive down and come in behind the enemy fighter knock him down and then climb back up into the soup. Its important not to get invloved in what I think of as the 'lower class battle' in which shit pilots slug it out a few feet above the ocean with very little room for escape/ error. Lets face it if your 30 ft above the ocean and some guy is on your ass where are you going to go without taking some serious damage?[/quote]

Same tactics but more cautious.

MG42Maniac;3889355It all comes down to 'the feeling'. I can't really describe it in a post, it all just happens so fast and you have got to expect the unexpected. Using the external views constantly really helps as it gives you the vital few seconds to do something when you spot an enemy before you get hit and blow up. But if the plane literally dives on you from a high height you can't really do that much but hope hes not the best of shots, the trick is not letting that happen to you. If I know the enemy pilots are shit I don't fly too high but if I know the enemy has some good pilots who fly high I will fly even higher to ensure i'm not jumped on. Getting behind an enemy fighter for the kill is all about patience. I can be stalking an enemy plane for like 30 seconds before I wait for him to get into a position for me to get off a good burst, it might be a slow turn or even better a steep climb which gives a real easy kill as hes almost stationary. You can always tell the the shit pilots as you will see tracers fly by your plane and you can just see him in your F12 view so you know hes not going to have you 'locked on'. So at that distance you can easily use the landscape to evade him or if you are high to some steep dives coupled with some inverted twists.[/quote]

Knowing your enemies capabilities and limitations is how the best fly.

MG42Maniac;3889355About getting hunted down high in the sky, there are several people who just look for enemy fighters and once they are way up in the sky will stay there just looking for enemy fighters. These are the guys that normally get you as you are just pulling away from a fighter you just wasted. You can't really do much about these guys but climb up to their altitude and fight them up there.

Flying throughout the whole airspace tends to negate them.

[QUOTE=MG42Maniac;3889355]It all comes down to experience and practice.

This is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

[QUOTE=MG42Maniac;3889355]Funnily enough I used to be accused of hacking a lot before patch 1.4 ( PB introduction for you new people) as I used to rake up scores of like 90-90-0 but what people needed to know is 16 year old boy with lots of free time due to college = experienced skilled player.

No actually the experienced skilled player is what he/she is, the way every pilot should be. Confidence being the key and age being irrelevant.

[QUOTE=MG42Maniac;3889355]Oh and my joystick is a Saitek Cyborg Evo that works 100% with BF42 and is the best stick I ever brought. I have had it since Jan 2005 and had zero probs which is great considering I went through 3 logitech ones in a few months back in 2004!!

Lol, I used the Saitek Cyborg 3D Gold (predecessor to the Evo) and I must agree they are awesome. The only thing I did different to others is using my mouse for throttle (mouse 1, 2) and secondary rudder keybind (mouse L-R axis) to get extra rudder effect. Primary rudder was joystick twist. Yes, the additional bind gives you a smaller turning circle. Basically you go into an elevator turn (hold), twist rudder (increased turn rate), mouse L or R (more turn rate).


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#55 13 years ago

I don't like dogfighting, but I am the BEST dive bomber you've ever seen. I fly with a keyboard(lol) and for dive bombing I think it more stable than a joystick.


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#56 13 years ago

i see this too much time


a P36 shot down a ZERO (????)

those super pilots have super guns who do super damage ??

the zero have no chance to run

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28th December 2005

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#57 13 years ago
Cl0S3D;3901582I don't like dogfighting, but I am the BEST dive bomber you've ever seen. I fly with a keyboard(lol) and for dive bombing I think it more stable than a joystick.

No way, i've tried a couple of runs on keyboard and it's steadier on joystick, not to mention you've got an easier control system...

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29th November 2004

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#58 13 years ago

Meh when I fly, with emphasis on when I:

1. crash into mills 2. crash into something I just blew up:rolleyes: 3. do some stunt flying and under bridge stuff and amaze peeps (yet I can't dogfight to safe my life) 4. kill an ocasional enemy which happens to stray in front of my guns 5. I die mostly though

Basically I fly for fun, airclown? Also I like the stuka the most!

Oh I do like to shoot down planes in funny ways though =p

faust30, zooka, katjusa/nebels/wespe or some other indirect fire thingies. AA are too easy to use, but in some cases necessary. I do hate to interfear in a good dogfight and when having some free time (spawn ratio for enemy attacking or defending soldiers) I tend to just watch the airshows, but alas sometimes it is needed (due to request from teamate or something)