Forgotten Hope 2 Open Battle Night 9th May 2008 -1 reply

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comment: i am Dyslexic

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22nd February 2005

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#61 13 years ago
LordInvictus;4337799 Oh and Bardia and Hyacinth are the same :rolleyes:

Its not vary smart to tell the admin how put avry ting togeter set up the server put all maps on the server so that we can play and than tell him a mixt up 2 maps

beleve me Bardia and Hyacinth are vary difrent one hase italions ader is dark


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18th November 2007

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#62 13 years ago

This dislexia thing makes you talk funny:p.


I didn't make it!

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#63 13 years ago

Tee hee.