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#1 10 years ago

Hello my dear Server Admins.

The new Fh2 version is comming soon and I want to give you a little guide on how to set up a pure FH2 server with extra punkbuster config file to keep cheaters out of your servers.

1. Mandatory CFG for PURE servers. (Also, recomended for balanced gameplay).

First of All, Forgotten Hope 2 has been tested to get the correct game play values based on 200% tickets. So, if you want to keep your server balanced, you need a mandatory 200% ticket ratio.

Also, since Fh2 does not have magic medics to revive the fallen team mates, Man Down time is not needed, it will only extend the respawn time for the players.

So at least the following 2 server config variables must be set up as the example:

sv.ticketRatio 200 sv.manDownTime 0

I've attached the this thread some standard configuration files for FH2 servers using BF2CC or the default admin system.

Once you are Following this standard configuration settings, you should add the [color=red][PURE][/color] tag at the end of the server name for an easy identification on the FH2 toolbox.

2. Forgotten Hope 2 v2.1 MD5 Signature Checks for PunkBuster.

I've attached the new version of the Punkbuster MD5 Signatures for FH2 2.1-

This file, is the colection of MD5 signatures of every single file on the mod so the admins can add this signatures to the punkbuster server to help on the fight against cheaters and hackers.

MD5 Signatures are used by PunkBuster to compare the files used by the players against the signatures stored on memory (the .md5 file), so if some hacker edit his game files, he will be kicked right away from the server.

[COLOR=red]Warning: DON'T ever edit the .md5 files or you can cause masive kicks from your server on false positive md5 missmatch[/COLOR]


a. Download And unpack (attached to this post)

b. Copy fh2_v2.1.md5 to the server's pb/ directory.

c. Edit / Create pbsv.cfg (at the pb/ folder) and add at the bottom line:

pb_sv_load fh2_v2.1.md5

d. Save & Close

e. Restart the Game Server or issue this command on the server console:


And.. DONE! Enjoy your hacker safe and balanced FH2 Server!

[color=red]Note For Streaming Servers:[/color]

If you are currently streaming to the PsB Master Ban List, you are probably using PsB recommended Pb Config Files. If so, you MUST disable the following md5 Check:

a. Edit /psb/bf2.md5


pb_sv_md5tool a "1.1.2965-797.0" v mods\bf2\ SZ223590 AT0 LEN2048 A5818D90A09F8DBF07AEB33067846016

b. Comment this line if you are going to run a FH2 2.1 server with MD5 Signatures by adding "//" at the beggining of the line (you can also delete the line if you are not planning to run a Vanilla BF2 server):

// pb_sv_md5tool a "1.1.2965-797.0" v mods\bf2\ SZ223590 AT0 LEN2048 A5818D90A09F8DBF07AEB33067846016

3. Server crashes:

Server administrators are requested to fill in a form, hopefully this will allow the FH2 team to make FH2 more stable. This site is only for server administrators and not for players. It concerns only crashes of servers, not client problems such as CTDs, disconnections, PunkBuster kicks, etc. You can find the site here:

FH2 Server Stability Data Collection

-- Feel free to post any questions.



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#2 10 years ago

many thanks for this tutorial! :)

this should be part of the release news imo.