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17th July 2005

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#41 13 years ago

I was playing against bots (i always do, bad internet) on El Alamien as the Germans flying along in my Stuka(the one 20mm cannons and 3 bombs) when I saw 2 brits running across the desert, so I started to dive and I opened up the 20mms at them. All the shots were landing at there feet so I stayed on target and kept firing, rat-a-tat-tat, and I still wasn't hitting and I was dangerously low when....thump! I hit one of the guys and flew off turned around and shot the other one. I've done that about five times now.

Same sort of thing happened on BF42 Midway. I was on the japenese side flying in a plane(the one with the landing gear that doesn't retract) when I saw a Chi-ha driving along infront of me, so I decided who low I could fly over it, I accidentily hit the guy in the commanders cupola, but no damage to me. I often TK my team, on El Alamien in a Pz IV F2 I saw a plane swooping down and I swun the turret and fired hit the bf 109.


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#42 13 years ago

^^ damn you


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20th February 2004

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#43 13 years ago

Yesterday Sector 318 on Forgotten soldiers:

I was allied and spotted an enemy. He saw me took a shot and hit me, but not a kill. I tried to run away, I turned and I hit a tree ... He takes his second shot and I was dead.