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4th June 2005

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#21 14 years ago

In a BFE match of Crete during a Skrim, we have about six wing walkers inculding myself on the Junkers all of us clowning around on the wings. Maybe ten people inside and six on the wings.

About 2/3s of the way to land when a satchal drops and I hear an ohshit! over TS from someone who starts yelling satchal in the plane! Bail bail bail!.

Only four people made it out before the satchal went off killing eight people inside and flinging most of the wingwalkers off. Only myself and someone else were left alive on the now dead Junkers plane as it glided into land on fire. :lol:

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7th December 2003

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#22 14 years ago

While camping in the second floor of some house on Pegasus I suddenly thought that someone could easily sneak upon me from behind so I turned around and shot - a very surprised friendly who was camping there as well for some time already right in the head.


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4th April 2005

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#23 14 years ago

Not me but my dad: So we are doing a game of vanilla Omaha and some noob beachs the ship. My dad tries to sink it and everybody is saying, "get off the ship (spaghetti monster) is trying to tk it!". Well some noobs stay on the ship and he ends up with -11.

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9th December 2003

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#24 14 years ago

I can't remember a lot of TK's (if I remember some nice ones I will post them), I do remember however never ever to leave my computer unattended. I once was playing FH (a long long time ago, FH 0.5 probably) on server which played midway (I think). I was relocating the carrier to saver waters and my brother was watching. I left for a bathroom break and when I came back I was just in time to see my brother drive the cruiser right of the map. :mad:


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5th December 2004

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#25 14 years ago
NoCoolOnesLeftYou dropped a satchel instead of selecting the rench?

Gotcha and the guy heard it, rushed his tank, got close to another tank that an infantryman was repairing. Cant you see that its sad?


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24th September 2004

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#26 14 years ago
wjlasloRoadrunner, Roadrunner, Roadrunner...That was me, sorry. I was in the torpedo position and I fired a single torpedo towards the carrier, as a sort of ranging shot. But instead, the torp hit the SIDE RAILING and killed us all. Sorry to everyone who was there.

I'm pretty sure this might have been another occasion, since you're tag doesn't look like the one I though did the damage. Either way, you got balls, to admit it. No worries. It is, after all, just a game. FancyPants story reminds me of the scene from BoB, when one guy comes up to relieve another guy who'd fallen asleep, and gets promptly bayonetted... Lupin's story has happened to me before, although I am pretty sure, it was a different occasion. I think it was during a match even. "WTF were you doing?" "I wanted to see if I could throw a nade out the window..." Next time, try shooting the glass out first... I have given up piloting landing craft. The other night, I was driving. Had a passenger or two, and turned back, to pick up some swimmers. I tryed avoiding the destroyer, but ended up just clipping the back, sending the landing craft in a barrel roll, that of course, ended up, upside down. Rabid Screaming Monkey tells everyone to drown, so I'd get all the tk's. (Didn't know that would happen actually) I was pretty pissed, but he's been a good guy lately, so I won't hold it against him. (Until I get a chance for payback:naughty: )


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9th April 2005

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#27 14 years ago

i was playing on the wolf server a couple weeks ago and these 3 guys were on the axis team were just being completely retarded and tking for no reason, going onto the beach. i complained to the admin but he was to busy playing the game to care. i noticed that i had a score of about 20 so i had a few tks to spare. i hopped in an MG42 and opened up on all of them (they were all on the beach.) in fact, i go out of my way to kill beach campers, i just hate them! especially when they argue "why not?" i hate campers more than anything in the world, even nazis. i have always hated them. so i TK them every chance i get.

PS if you ever accidentally tk me, appologize and i promise you will get an FTK (within reason).


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22nd June 2005

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#28 14 years ago

On the 130th this guy TKed me and I asked for a kick and says I called his friends F****tard. Then he says its his first day.

Tehn again I got a aplane on EL Al and I guy shots me with a rifle nade and says the samething. im in the hanger and of course out of the fix zone.


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20th February 2004

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#29 14 years ago

For some reason, it seems that the C47 is less forgiving to people standing in it than the Ju52. I was playing a round of Market Garden, and some guy begs us all to get on the C47 to do some drops. A bunch of us eventually hop in, but it takes nearly four minutes to get a decent squad into the plane. Finally, we have about four or five people other than the pilot, and so he starts rolling down the field. As I mentioned initially, something seems wrong with the C47, because unlike on Crete with the Ju52, when I and several other people decided to stand in the plane rather than sit, we were all killed as soon as the C47 reached takeoff speed. The pilot is promptly autokicked, and then returns and accuses us all of being noobs.


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5th October 2003

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#30 14 years ago

Breakthrough, I'm around the north bank cruising along in a Cromwell. A FW-190 zooms overhead and I call out enemy plane spotted. Several seconds later a plane flies overhead barely visible due to fog. I aim up with the maingun and pop off a shot. It hits destroying the plane. Woah.. that was an impressive shot I think to myself.

Then I realise it wasn't the FW-190 coming back the other way, it was a typhoon. And the pilot was not very happy.