How do you defend a flag by yourself? -1 reply

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29th April 2006

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#21 13 years ago
Flying Carpet Of Death;4373576Be very careful

or go and hunt for flagcappers.


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4th July 2006

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#22 13 years ago

Load HE and drive around the flagzone, checking your back every few seconds for miners and AT guys. Also pray that there aren't any planes or enemy tanks out to get you. Works most of the time. =p


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22nd April 2008

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#23 13 years ago
Niebler;4372174Hmm, as a capturer? I as a rule of thumb always like to take the scout kit, for both defense and an offensive defense (after you cap), smines can work wonders, and buy you time. Smoke grenades also for a quick get-away. Try and get into a position where a smg/mg cant appear right in front of you and mow you down, like stay in a window over looking to the side, so you have the height and cover advantage :P



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13th December 2004

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#24 13 years ago

Seeing as how I was getting destroyed along with the rest of the squad (those truck drives "past" enemy Shermans were hilarious), I'm not sure if my advice is worth anything, but...

Usually what I do is I hide nearby the flag radius while waiting for support from squad mates. I usually play as rifleman, so I don't often have the fancy gadgets to help myself out with. The good thing is, however, that once the squad arrives to attack, I can then pop out and strike the enemy from within their zone of operations, thus causing them mass confusion. If the place is lightly defended and I think I can take it by myself, then I'll sometimes try (rambo!).

However, if I happen to be a Bren gunner (I rarely use the MG34) or an AT rifleman, I take a slightly different approach. With a Bren, I'll find a safe spot, wait for unsuspecting enemy infantry, then take him/them out. If they see me, they'll be after me, so I quickly (while they're down) run to find a different safe spot, perhaps staying out of action for a minute or so. Then I run back up and take them out, and repeat. The idea is to constantly keep them preoccupied with looking for me so that they'll let their guard down whenever my squad of reinforcements arrive.

With an AT rifle I do similar to what I do with the Bren, except I make sure to wait until the enemy sit at AT gun emplacements. Then I blow up the AT guns along with them.

If I'm defending a flag we already have, then I pick rifleman if I'm surrounded by open terrain and enemy infantry (like at Sfakia or Crete), engineer if there are a lot of enemy tanks (mine the roads!), or AT if there are enemy tanks too close for me to risk mining (go up building roofs and toss down sticky bombs/satchels). I don't risk it with the S-mines because I know friendlies run into those like mad (including myself, unfortunately), and the scout kit has no mine flag to warn friendlies. If the place I'm defending is really urban, then I'll use a Bren or SMG.


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19th March 2008

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#25 13 years ago

When capturing enemy flags with a tank: keep moving!